Walk in the New Age

Music for Vitality Walking



Walk in the New Age is a production of Peace Ananda Music.  Pamela Jamian is the founder and publisher of Peace Ananda Music, based in Texas.  She is also the composer and performer on Walk in the New Age.  Om Ananda!  Om

Pamela Jamian: Walk In The New Age

Track Notes:

Breath Walk (Activate the Body )

Walk in the New Age (Warm Up) – Begin by breathing deeply and slowly stretching. When the rhythmic beat begins, walk with wide stride, feet firmly on the ground, and arms in full
swing.  As you walk in tempo to the music, your body grounds your life force to the earth source.
Prana Mantra (Breathe) – Match the rhythm and sound of your breathing with the rhythm of your walk.  Breath and suond unite the physical being with the unseen ,yet very real etheric energies that animate our lives.
 Redwood Spirit (Calibrate) – A walk in nature calibrates you with the colors and symmetry that surrounds you.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Vitality Walk (Entrain the Mind )

Jananda (Accelerate) – Your pace is alive with the vitality of everlasting source.  Your mind's entraintment with musical pathways builds attractor fields of awareness and energy.

Anahata (Align) – Align your awareness at the center of your being and with the motion of your feet.  Playfully walk as you celebrate the joy of your being. 

Vita Sananda (Synthesize) – Your higher self lives and walks through you, bringing the awakening of an enlightened age. 


Yoga Walk (Expand the Soul)

Chakra Rainbow (Flow) –   With dual attention on your heart space and inner ears, listen deeply to the musical rainbow in the keynotes of each chakra.  Unite with the essence of your soul as your walk gently slows to a contemplative, flowing pace.


Inner Walk (Invite Spirit)

Ponder the Perfection (Meditate) –  Attuned to your innermost self n the stillness of sitting meditation, you walk the inner path to All That Is.  Mantra:  Gate' gate' paragate'  parasamgate' bodhi svaha. (Ponder the perfection of the heart's wisdom) 


If you love new age music and you love to walk....... let this rainbow bridge of melody entrain and uplift your body, mind, soul, and spirit as you experience a Walk in the New Age.

Walk in the New Age is a musical pathway to experience the vital energy and heightened awareness of your whole being through aerobic walking and sitting meditation.  Playfully walk as you celebrate the joy of your whole being.  Your higher self lives and walks through you, bringing the awakening of an enlightened age.

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