Peace Ananda Music

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Music, as a language of the soul, resonates with the inner and outer dimensions of being.  As we integrate the frequencies of our inner spiritual awareness with the outer energies of our physical reality, we grow in consciousness and experience, paving the way for the evolution of ourselves and our planet.  Peace Ananda Music is an orchestrated invitation to an interactive experience of spirit, soul, and body.  This uplifting and ambient new age genre invites musical pathways of spiritual awareness and animating energy to more fully enjoy our lives.  

Dance of Ananda


The life force in your body and spirit leads to awareness of your inner essence.  Your inner essence enlivens and evolves the quality and experiences of your life.

Pamela Jamian: Dance of Ananda

Walk in the New Age

If you love new age music and you love to walk....... let this rainbow bridge of melody entrain and uplift your body, mind, soul, and spirit as you experience a Walk in the New Age.

Pamela Jamian: Walk In The New Age

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